Betty Ford Center Institute

Summer Institute For Medical Students

The Summer Institute for Medical Students (SIMS) is an experiential learning model.  The involvement of participants in the treatment process facilitates an in-depth, personal and unique learning experience.  Being a part of a process that fosters change strongly reinforces the belief that both the alcoholics/addicts and their families can and do recover.

The SIMS program was designed to give students the opportunity to become a part of the Betty Ford Center experience for a week.  Instead of participation in a classroom setting, the students learn by integration into the daily life of either the patients currently in treatment or the participants in the family program of the Center.

Awareness and sensitivity to the issues surrounding addiction begins with an adjustment in attitude.  It has long been said the best way to help those not addicted understand the recovery process is to let them see it happen.  This concept is equally true in the Summer Institute for Medical Students, where students learn side by side with alcoholics and addicts.

Courtney, an alumnus of the 2015 SIMS program from Mayo Medical School said, "I had an absolutely amazing experience in the SIMS program. I learned so much about addiction, the recovery process, and the effects of addiction on one's family and children. Not only will I be able to use everything I learned at Hazelden Betty Ford in my professional practice, I will also be able to use it in my own personal life. By listening to the stories of the patients, families and staff, I was both touched and inspired. Thank you so much to the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation for what was truly a life-changing experience and one that I will never forget!"

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